On Leave.. maybe vacation.. duh… Friday, Dec 22 2006 

Ok, I’m not at my office until Jan 6, 2007…
Am I on vacation.. maybe… or maybe I just sleep a home until I got fat :p
These several day I don’t learn much about J2ee, my boss frequently ask my help on analyzing projects… which mean it take a lot of time for finding solution plus paper work

Happy New Year Guys…


J2EE, here we go… Monday, Dec 18 2006 

I trying to take a step in J2EE world, starting by reading “John Wiley & Sons – Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.4 (J2EE 1.4) Bible”…
After my SCJP 5 exam I made up my mind to set my career in Java track (Like I have any choices 😛 ), and maybe in Open source community (Maybe.. I said maybe)

Look like there’re many things I haven’t learn or even know about enterprise application, so many Java library/components I haven’t tried…
And the technology keep speeding up. Now, how fast can you go 🙂

With the release Java 6 and Java being open-sourced there will be a lot of new JSRs to learn and learn….

Java 6 "Mustang" Wednesday, Dec 13 2006 

Yesterday JavaSE 6 released…
check it out : http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp

Don’t know exactly what are new at Java 6
I read from several article mostly about
– enchantment in desktop application performance
– a interesting JSR 199 – Java Compiler API (allows Java source to be compiled from within a Java application)
– Of course JDBC 4.0 (Who can live without connection to database :p)

The release IMO seems to soon, even Java 1.4 still used more than Java 5. Maybe because Java now Open Sourced the release gonna be short release cycle
I always interest in new technology, so hopefully I can catch up with Java’s fast movement

So What Now… Wednesday, Dec 13 2006 

After achieving my SCJP 5 I feel I’ve lost my goal
I know SCJP is just the beginning, so what next?
Maybe I’ll gonna prepare and study for SCWCD or SCBCD. I think specializing in J2EE gonna help my career a lot.
Currently I seeking the right book about J2EE to read

Still waiting for my certification though, they said it gonna arrived in 1 month…

Passed SCJP with 94% Tuesday, Dec 12 2006 

Finally yesterday I take SCJP exam at Inixindo
Although I scheduled exam at 14:00, i arrived 1 hour earlier so I can relax before exam
At 13:30 I filled the exam form and being asked if I want to start the test now
I said I like to start at 2 o’clock like the schedule, so I wait until 2pm

At 2:10 pm I escorted to Exam room, I’m still quite nervous when filling exam survey from Sun. After starting answering several questions, I regain my confident but the thought about failing still in my head
I finish 72 questions in 1.5 hours and review my questions in 15 minutes (not really review though)
After answering 72 complex questions you’ll really don’t want to read anymore questions

So I take the guts to press “end” button and wait the result
At first I thought the result will be shown on screen but it rather print out the result by the printer at the corner of the exam room
So I waited in front of the printer, yes it’s felt like it’s the longest 10 seconds of your life :p

I pickup 2 paper and try to find where the hell is my score, I see 59%… but it’s the passing score limit. Then I see “your score : 94%”… I fell like I don’t believe it, I expected 80%-85% but 94% is awesome 🙂

So with smile I walk out the door and give miss Wulan (the exam admin) my result paper

My result details :

  • Declarations, Initialization and Scoping : 100%
  • Flow Control : 100%
  • API Contents : 90%
  • Concurrency : 84%
  • OO Concepts : 90%
  • Collections/Generics : 100%
  • Fundamentals : 90%

Some threads related question really complex, thats why I only got 84% on Concurrency
I answer 68 questions correctly from 72, thats mean 4 wrong answer. 1 on API, 1 on Concurrency, 1 on OO, and 1 on Fundamental

1 Week to Go? Monday, Dec 4 2006 

Ok, 1 week till my SCJP 5 exam
Not really have the confident yet 😦
But I really have to face this… I really hope that I can pass with good score
And freelance from Max-Studio really make my schedule tight, why it has to be on same time with my exam preparations

Forum at Java Ranch can give you unique questions, idea and sharing your knowledge with others about SCJP, you guys should check it out : http://saloon.javaranch.com/

And Java Black Belt is great Java Certification community, and you can contribute your questions too : http://www.javablackbelt.com/
I already got my Orange Belt there :-p